My Budget Planner Upgrade Version 2.0.1 ( Released January 2016)

Adding New Year


Click here to download MBP.exe

From the pop-up message click on the "Save" button.

Select "My Documents" folder on your computer to download MBP.exe.

Go to the folder where you have installed MyBugetPlanner software (like C:\Program Files\MyBudgetPlanner or C:\Program Files (x86)\MyBudgetPlanner

Rename MBP.exe to MBP1.exe in that folder.

Copy MBP.exe you have downloaded to that folder.

Start the software.

If your Windows Security setting prompts you not to run this file, please ignore and click on Run Anyway.

There is no virus in the file.

and click on the menu Help - About. You should see a version 2.0.1.


If you have any questions please e-mail

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