My Budget Planner Upgrade Version 1.7 ( Released December 2004)

Enhancement: Credit Card List is added to the transaction screen.

New Feature: Display total monthly Credit Card expenses.

New Feature: Password

Enhancement: "Find by Category".

Enhancement: Move an category's item to the different group.

Enhancement: See transaction details on Monthly and Yearly reports.

Enhancement: Move a transaction to a different category.


Income Schedule

You can now setup your Income Schedule. My Budget Planner will automatically update icome actual amount.
Click on the icon and select from the pop-up menu "Income Schedule" or click on the menu "Income/Payments" and select Income Schedule" to open this form:

Please note! You can setup a schedule for weekly, every two week, monthly, bi-monthly, est.

For example:

For Monthly select frequency "monthly" and recurrence "1".

For every 2 Month select frequency is "monthly", recurrence "2"

For Weekly select frequency is "weekly", recurrence "1"

For every 2 weeks select frequency is "weekly", recurrence "2"


Credit Card List is added to the Transaction screens

Add New , Update, Add Multiple Transactions.


To add a credit card to the list or remove it click on the menu File - Options to open this form:

Remove Credit Card from the list: uncheck "Active", click "OK".

Add Credit Card to the list: simply type name in the new row, check "Active" on and click "OK".

Statement Day is a day of the month when a credit card's bill is cut off.

For example, if a bank generates a credit card's statement on the 15th then you should select 15 for the "Statement Closing Day".

IF left blank it defaults to the 1st day of the month.


Display Total Monthly Credit Card Spending.

A new field "Monthly Credit Card Spending" is added next to the "Monthly Available". Now you can track each card spending separately.

Please note! You don't have to go back and update all your transactions. You should use this feature going forward.

Double click on that field on click on the button "..." to see the details for each card:

Please note! You can't enter an outstanding balance or payment amount. This is just to track your credit cards expenses.



You can now setup a password to open the software if you'd like.

Click on the menu "File" - "Options".

Enter a password and click OK.

Now when you open My Budget Planner software you will have to enter your password:


Find by Category

Click on the menu "Tools" - Find" or click on the icon .

You now have a choice to search by category.
Select a category from the drop down menu, enter Date From, Date To and click on
the "Find" button:


Copy transactions from the Excel to the "Add Multiple Transactions" screen.

You can now copy multiple expenses from the Excel to the Add Multiple Transactions screen.

You can use this feature only If your bank has on-line feature to upload your banking transactions to the file.

First, upload data to the file from the banking on-line. Choose "text file" as a format.

Open the upload file in Excel. You will have to add or delete columns in excel as following"

Column#1 - empty
Column#2 - date
Column#3 - empty
Column#4 - amount
Column#5 - empty
Column#6 - empty
Column#7 - Memo

Highlight these columns and rows and select "Paste" or press Ctrl+C keys.

Open My Budget Planner. Click on "Add Multiple Transactins".

Click on the "Paste From Excel" button.

All you need to do now is select Category, Name (if budget is for 2 people), Credit Card (if available) for each row and click on the "Add" button.


Move category's item to a different group.

Click on the first column and select "Move To A Different Category Group" from the pop-up menu:

Select a category from the drop down box and click on the "OK" button:


See transaction details on Monthly and Yearly reports.

Open Monthly or Yearly Summary Report from the "Report" menu. Double click on any amount cell

and get a list of all transactions for that category.

Please note, if a total from the details screen does not match the cell's amount it means you have not enter all transactions.


Move a transaction to a different category.

Let's say you have added 20.99 to the Grocery category by mistake. It was Car fuel expense. You now can move that transaction from "Grocery" category to the "Car Fuel" category. Click in that transaction and select "Move To a Different Category" from the pop-up menu:

Select a new category from this screen and click "OK":

This transaction will be moved to the Car - Fuel:


Restore data from the backup.

Click on the menu "File" - "Restore Database".
Select a location of your backup BUDGET.mdb file and click in the "Restore Now" button:


Bug Fixed :

"Go To" display only category groups from your budget.
In Payment Calendar drop down box, some years are missing.
In the "Add Multiple Transactions" screen, once a date is entered, keep that date for the next transaction.
In the "Add Multiple Transactions" screen the expense list drop down box extended down farther to minimize scrolling
other small.


Download Version 1.7

1. Click here to download mbpupgrade1-7.exe.

2. Click on the "Save" button.


3. Select "My Documents" folder on your computer to download mbpupgrade1-7.exe.


3. Open "My Documents" folder and double click on mbpupgrade1-7.exe to begin installation.

4. You will see this screen. Click OK.

5. Upgrade will start and you will briefly see this screen:

6. Now start My Budget Planner software. Please note that the version should be 1.7.

If you have any questions please e-mail

Copyright My Budget Planner, Inc. All rights reserved.