My Budget Planner Upgrade Version 1.6 ( Released December 2003)

New Feature: Reports are added to the software.
    • Monthly Cash Flow and Availability
    • Monthly Summary
    • Quarterly Summary
    • Yearly Summary


    • Roll over Over/Under budgeted amount to the first month of the next year.
    • Fixed problem with displaying a Daily Transactions view


Click on the icon or click on the menu "Reports" and select a report.

Monthly Cash Flow Report will show Available Amount for each month.
For future months estimated amounts will be calculated based on the previous month budget.

Monthly Summary Report will display summary for every category group monthly.

Quarterly Summary Report will display summary for every category group for each quarter.


Yearly Summary Report will summarize actual amounts for every category group for each year.
The last column is a Total of all years.


Download Version 1.6

1. Click here to download mbpupgrade1-6.exe.

2. Click on the "Save" button.


3. Select "My Documents" folder on your computer to download mbpupgrade1-6.exe.


4. Open Windows Explorer. Go to "My Documents" folder.

5. Double click on mbpupgrade1-6.exe to begin installation.

6.Click OK

7. If you installed My Budget Planner in the folder C:\Program Files\MyBudgetPlanner then click on the "Computer" button.

Otherwise, click on the "Change Directory" button and select a folder where you have installed My Budget Planner.

8. This message will complete the upgrade:

"My Budget Planner Upgrade - Version 1.6 Setup was completed successfully."

If you have any questions please e-mail

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