My Budget Planner Upgrade Version 1.5 ( Released October 2003)

  • New Feature: Payments Schedule.

You can now setup a schedule for your regular mandatory payments. Every time you open My Budget Planner, the software will check Payments Schedule and will automatically update Actual and Projected amounts when payments are due or past due. My Budget Planner will display a message-notification when those automatic updates are done.

  • New Feature: Payments Calendar.
  • New Feature: Add Multiple Transactions.

You can now add multiple expenses to the different categories from the one screen

  • New Feature: Total Savings.

You can now see your Total Savings As Of Day. This feature was available before only for Year-To-Date view. Plus, you san setup your Savings Goals!

  • New Feature: Go To...

You can now quickly navigate to the category. Click on "Ctrl" and "G" keys and select a category.

  • New Feature: Print Preview.

You will preview Budget Planner report before printing it to the printer.

  • New Feature: Find Transactions.

You can now search through all transactions by check number,memo, or date.

  • Enhancements: Improved functionality to change category's description.



Download Version 1.5

1. Click here to download mbpupgrade1-5.exe.

2. Click on the "Save" button.


3. Select "My Documents" folder on your computer to download mbpupgrade1-5.exe.


3. Open Windows Explorer. Go to "My Documents" folder.

4. Double click on mbpupgrade1-5.exe to begin installation.

5.Click OK

5. If you installed My Budget Planner in the folder C:\Program Files\MyBudgetPlanner then click on the 'Computer" button.

Otherwise, click on the "Change Directory" button and select a folder where you have installed My Budget Planner.

6. This message will complete an upgrade:

If you have any questions please e-mail

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