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How To Save Money.

Follow a rule: Pay Yourself First.

Budget your Income amounts first and budget your Savings amount second. Only then you can budget for all your expenses.

View "Percent of the Income" is a very useful tool. It will show your current and future financial situation both Monthly and Yearly.

You should save 10% or more of your income. Now you can see the amount saved. Do you save 10%?


Even more, you can see what percentage of your income you spend on the car payment, clothes, eating out ect.

You can also see the "Yearly Summary".


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I really like MyBudgetPlanner and unlike Quicken and MS Money, I can focus on my daily spending and being mindful about where the money is going. I really think this is a great tool for those who want to change their spending patterns so that their true goals are supported by their daily spending choices.

I love the instant feedback so we can see where we are each day. We saved $1000.00 over two months by spending five minutes each day tracking where our money was going and making a few small adjustments.

Jon Heinrich


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