Discover the Simple plan that takes just 5 minutes a day to help you see where all your money is going, control your spending, and actually start saving

Are you frustrated trying to get by on the money you make?
Would you like to get a good view to where all your money is going?
Would you like to start saving your money, or save even more?
Looking for something easier then software like Quicken or Money?
Would you like to teach your children about finance?

Then, let me tell you my story. Just short year ago...

  • My family had a $19,000 balance on our credit cards;
  • Every month we wanted to put some money into savings, but we were always short;
  • I often had fights with my husband over where all our money was spent;
  • I lost sleep and was under a lot of stress over money;
  • We suffered the quiet anxiety of not having any real financial security today or retirement funds for tomorrow.

I didn't like my life. I wanted to be free of financial worries. I wanted to save more ,but I had no idea of how much I could save after paying all my bills.

I tried products like MS Money, Quicken, and Excel but they did not work for me. They were too complicated or not flexible enough. It took me 1(!) hour just to setup my finances on MS Money. I said,"No!" I am a busy person. I needed a system that could teach me how to organize my budget, control my spending, save my money and does not require too much of my time. What I wanted was a simple and easy to use program. Since I am a programmer, I decided to create a software program to help me accomplish my goals. I call my program, "MY BUDGET PLANNER".

First, I used My Budget Planner only for my finances. I spent many nights working on My Budget Planner, making it simple yet excellent.


  • My family saves more than 15% of our annual income;
  • We are financially secure;
  • All our credit cards are paid off;
  • I have a wonderful relationship with my husband;
  • We have power over our money and feel so good knowing exactly where all of our money is spent;
  • I budget and control our spending and still have enough money to have fun in our life. We go to the movies, eat out, have vacations, etc.
  • Even my 7 year old son has saved $100 and deposited it to his own savings account.

If you'd like to finally get control of your money here is a solution - My Budget Planner. It is VERY SIMPLE and easy-to-understand budgeting software. In only 5 minutes a day of your time you will:

  • See where all your money is going;
  • Successfully plan the payoff your debts;
  • Estimate - and balance - your income and expenses;
  • Actually save 10% or more of your income;
  • Still have enough money for the fun stuff in your life; and
  • Keep an eye on your children's expenses and teach them to value money.

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Here's what My Budget Planner can do for you

Show you where all your money is going. Provide you with an idea of your current and future financial situation both Monthly and Yearly.

My Budget Planner will help you keep track of everything from daily expenditures and savings accounts to medical expenses,interest and mortgage payments, investments, insurance payments, auto maintenance, utilities usage, home improvements and even expenses on eating out and entertainment.

It's so simple to record and view daily transactions.


Help you to control your spending and pay off debt.

My Budget Planner will SHOW THE DIFFERENCE between your BUDGETED and ACTUAL amounts

and REMIND you when you overspend! No other product has a feature like that.


Help you save 10% or more of your income.

My Budget Planner incorporates a rule: PAY YOURSELF FIRST. It will show you how to allocate your money into savings first and then into spending.

My Budget Planner will show you a PERCENTAGE of your savings FROM your INCOME (you will see if it's 10%, less or more). No other product has a feature like that.

Help you create a budget for the whole family or for every family member separately
Help you create payments' schedule and remind you when payments are due!

You can use My Budget Planner to track income, savings, and expenses for you and your spouse or partner. You can even monitor your children's expenses (movies, pizza, computer games, etc.)

You get a visually display of all your savings and expenses.

Easier than Quicken and MS Money.

It takes hours to setup your budget using those software programs. They are too complicated. My Budget Planner is so simple even children can use it.

Help you feel great

by knowing that your money is under your control and seeing how much money you really save for your kids' college, for your retirement, or even for that trip around the world you've thought of taking.

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Here's what people are saying about My Budget Planner

I've been using your software for almost a year now and love it.

Peter Hogg

Hello from Canada. A year ago my husband and I ordered your budget planner and we were extremely pleased with it. We had it downloaded by email and we were finding it to be such a help to us. ...
Thanks very much. Sincerely,
--Karin and Lorne Meredith from Victoria, B.C.

... It is just what we needed for our personal budget monitoring. I like the part which reminds us not to spend anymore when we are in the red on certain items. ...

Myrene Portmann, Australia

I really like MyBudgetPlanner and unlike Quicken and MS Money, I can focus on my daily spending and being mindful about where the money is going. I really think this is a great tool for those who want to change their spending patterns so that their true goals are supported by their daily spending choices. I love the instant feedback so we can see where we are each day. We saved $1000.00 over two months by spending five minutes each day tracking where our money was going and making a few small adjustments.

Jon Heinrich, WA

Hi Tatiana,

...And last, I just wanted you to know that thanks to you, I have been able to keep a tighter reign on the finances, I have paid off bills, (and even a judgement, two to go), and have raised my credit score enough to be eligable for a house! THANK YOU!!!

Tammi Shyers, DE

Hi! I ordered your software some time ago and I absolutely love it. I am actually the Missy Tucker you have quoted on your web site under "What customers are saying section!" I wanted to let you know we are doing great since we started using your system, ... Just wanted to let you know we are now credit card debt free!! Thanks so much for your wonderful program.

Missy Tucker 2005, GA



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