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I've been using your software for almost a year now and love it. However, my computer crashed and I lost the program. At least I backed up all the data but the backup system I have didn't save the programs. How would I go about getting this software?


Peter Hogg

Just wanted to let you know that I was able to successfully download your software last night and let me begin by saying that I absolutely love it! I was so excited to finally be able to sit down and feel like I was getting control of our finances. I am a stay at home mom with two little boys ages 3 and 6 and it seems like I'm constantly wondering where all the money has gone! Sometimes I hate the thought of having to sit down and pay the bills because I'm afraid there won't be enough money there and the thought of everything spinning out of control is often what I end up feeling.Your software is exactly what I've been looking for. I've often tried to do the same thing on paper, but it's not the same because I have a hard time keeping track from day to day. This helps me to do so. For example, my budget is to spend $35 a month on eating out and I have already spent $39 this month and your software reminded me of that. Last night, my husband came in and suggested we go out to eat and I replied that we couldn't because we had already overspent on our budget this month. I normally would have went and not realized that I had already spent that much this month. My husband was so excited that I had this program and we both feel so fortunate that we can now see where our money is going and not wonder where it all went at the end of the month. I manage all the finances around our home and now I feel so blessed that he can sit down at the computer and see for himself what our cost of living is and where the money he works so hard for is being spent. I know that with your software this year will be the year that we can finally get control and I'm so excited that instead of looking at going back to work full-time this year I can hopefully budget properly and continue to be with my children as much as possible. I'm extremely grateful to you and your software!

-- Missy Tucker 2004, GA

-- Missy Tucker 2005, GA

Hi! I ordered your software some time ago and I absolutely love it. I am actually the Missy Tucker you have quoted on your web site under "What customers are saying section!" I wanted to let you know we are doing great since we started using your system, ... Just wanted to let you know we are now credit card debt free!! Thanks so much for your wonderful program.

Thank you again for the emails and thank you for the software. I have MS Money and tried
it in the past. It is not impossible but it is very time consuming and your's is essentially the same and much much easier.
-- Rod Moore, WI

Just wanted to let you know that I was finally able to download the software just a few minutes after I e-mailed you about having trouble! The install went great and I absolutely love the software application! It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!! Many thanks to you for developing such a great budgeting tool! I look forward to your upgrade as well. Thanks again.

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that the upgrade enhancements you made to your software are GREAT! Keep up the good work! I said it before and I'll say it again.... I love this software! It is EXACTLY what I had been looking for!

-- Gary Webb, NC

I have used several software programs from Quick Books to Microsoft Money and most have a great deal to offer. All were very difficult to configure and manage on a regular basis. In a Google search, I came across your software program and decided to give it a try. I can tell you my wife who
normally stays away from personal financial software, embraced your solution and uses it daily to track expenses. We have a great deal more money to put away toward our retirement and your software package allows us to quickly review how we are doing against our budgeted amounts vs. actuals. Having a quick visual indication of were our money goes on a monthly basis is
critical in knowing were to reduce and provides a natural "watch-dog" mechanism so spending does not get out of control. My wife and I are both compulsive spenders and your program, through a bit of discipline has provided a great deal of personal financial management that I never received from other software packages costing three or four times more.
Thanks again for taking your experience and placing your knowledge in such a wonderful software package. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take control of their finances and have more money to spend toward what matters most ... Your financial future.

Best regards,

-- Escalle, Robert

I just wanted to say, I just downloaded this and LOVE it already!!! I can't wait to see how this month pans out shall I say!!! I was just telling my husband the other day that we NEED to start budgeting if we EVER want to move!!! I am just so excited to have come across this! I have heard about excel, but also heard it was spendy... I will have to let you know how this month works out!!!! thanks for such a wonderful looking product!!!!!
-- Denai Rein, MN

My adult daughter is forever borrowing money so I thought this might make a practical gift. My teen is getting a job and my youngest thinks I am made of money. I thought everyone could benefit. LOL! Been looking for an easier version than Quicken.
-- Marie Tuttle, NH


Dear Tatiana:
Thank you for your concern. It's nice to know that there are people like you that care so much about their customers and It has shown me that i totally misjudged you and I apologize for my hostility. I want to thank you for being so consistant with your attempt in helping me. I have been back on my feet for a while and I'm doing a lot better with my finances. I hope the best for your company and success, and I am very fortunate to have learned that there are some businesses that truley do care about their customers, as you have shown me, so I want to reiterate my thank you to you once more.

best of luck,
-- Jenny

My name is Meghan and I just purchased your budget planner a few days ago and I really love it already! I'm a college student who lives on a very fixed and tight budget, and this is just the tool I've been looking for (and I've been looking!), and at the right price too! It is very easy to operate and easy to read at a glance. Now the trick will be to make my self use it! But I don't think that will be too hard!

--Meghan McCormick '03

I've searched high & low for one that I thought was easy to quick & easy to use & didnt feel that I had to put my whole life history into it. So when I saw yours, it looks exactly like I've been looking for...I would like the adult version, & I would like to have the both kid versions since my kids fall into each category. I love the picture one for non-readers, but like the breakdown for the older kids.

-- Kandee Ogle, OH


I have a 16 year old daughter who likes to go shopping and spend money. It's always,"Mom, can I have $20 bucks for movie" or "Mom, can I get $15 for a pizza." I started to use My Budget Planner to track her expenses. When I saw how much money she wasted month we both were shocked. I have used My Budget Planner to create a budget for her. It's so simple to use, so she can track her expenses herself and spend only what is budgeted. She even started putting some money into the savings.

-- Elena Kina, CA

Thank you for the product I am enjoying it already.
-- Norwegian Kollegian, OH

Thanks, I downloaded it here at work and played with it and it does seem like what we were looking for...and VERY SIMPLE to Use...appears that you can easily use this on a daily basis with ease unlike many of the other budgets out there!!!!

-- Lance E. McDaniel, GA

I have My Budget Planner up and running and everything is going smoothly. We're starting January on a great note by using your software and getting our finances in order. Thank you again for all of your help.

-- Melanie Johnston, CA

So far I am really liking the budget planner. I am using it right now to just track where all my money actually does go so then maybe I can form a budget for the months ahead.

-- Denise Yount

The program is great! I have been looking all over for a budget for just my household. You can find them for everything from home businesses to large businesses, but NOT for personal use. Yours is just what I wanted. Thanks!

--Suzanne Robertson, GA

I am very much lookiing forward to using the my budget planner. i have gotten myself into trouble with unacounted for spending on more than one occaision, and finaly relize that i can't do it all on my own. Your program looks so very easy to understand and follow, that i'm actually
looking forward to getting started. thanks again, i'll keep you posted
on our family's success.

-- Judy Consiglio, WA

I recently bought the budget planner for adults and kids. I am loving it, already we know where our money is going.

-- Ramonita Archie, WI


I really like your Budget Planner. Slowly but surely I am getting there, even more so as soon as I fully understand your concept. ...Thank you for your patience for us who were not born number crunchers.

--Elena P. Feliciano, NC

I really like My Budget Planner and unlike Quicken and MS Money, I can focus on my daily spending and being mindful about where the money is going. I really think this is a great tool for those who want to change their spending patterns so that their true goals are supported by their daily spending choices. I love the instant feedback so we can see where we are each day. We saved $1000.00 over two months by spending five minutes each day tracking where our money was going and making a few small adjustments.
-- Jon Heinrich, WA
I used to spend money like water, never paying much attention to where it went each month. I knew I should be saving more but by the time the end of the month rolled around, there was nothing left to save. Now that I have been using My Budget Planner, it is obvious to me I was wasting my money on things I really didn't want or need. I now know exactly how much I spend. This knowledge helps me plan my savings and retirement and I sleep much better knowing I won't be eating crackers and cheese when I turn 70.
--Mark Metz, CA

I bought the My Budget Planner when my credit card debt started piling up. What a difference it has made! It has helped me evaluate where I spend my money. Not only do I record my monthly expenses, income, and investments I can view my yearly living expenses. I finally save the money monthly I had always promised myself I would. I never thought tracking my spending could be so much fun.
--Flora Gitelman, CA

Thanks for a wonderful and affordable program.

-- Sam Choo


I am finding the Planner program helpful. For some time now we have need of something like this to get our finance squared away and have a batter handle of what we spend out money on. You must find it gratifying to know that something you developed for yourself can be of benefit to so many.
--Carl Hill, PA

I love my new software. I never realized how badly I was budgeting. Now I'm determined to get on the right track and it's so easy.

--Marion Fuqua, TN

My wife and I love your program.

-- Jerry Cunning

I've been dying for a budget program that was simpler than quicken or excel. Thanks so much!
--Pamela Joe, CA


I just set up your software product and though I haven't used it just yet, I wanted to hurriedly tell you the set up COULD NOT BE ANY EASIER. I'm totally impressed. Your product exceeds my expectation!

Many, many thanks.

-- Alice

I've needed a program like this for a long time!
--Arthur Boy, FL

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I would just like to tell you that since using your application, my husband and I have become much more aware of what and where we are spending money. He has now learnt why he should be taking his lunch to work after his lunch bills started adding up to extraordinary amounts.

Thanks Again
--Kelly Aujard, Australia


Dear Tatiana,

Bought your Budget Planner today and loving it. I beleive it is the Best Personal Budget Planner on the Market. I have investigated and also invested in several different forms of other Budget Planners that turned out to be useless for my needs....

Many Thanks,

-- George Ditrich, Australia.

Hello Tatiana, yes we have recieved the software and started to use it in fact. It is just what we needed for our personal budget monitoring. I like the part which reminds us not to spend anymore when we are in the red on certain items.

-- Myrene Portmann, Australia

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Hello from Canada. A year ago my husband and I ordered your budget planner and we were extremely pleased with it. We had it downloaded by email and we were finding it to be such a help to us. To our great dismay, our computer crashed and we lost everything. The hard drive packed it in and we didn't have anything backed up. We were wondering if it is possible to have it downloaded again onto our new hard drive free of charge. We would be very grateful if this could be done and we hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks very much. Sincerely,
--Karin and Lorne Meredith from Victoria, B.C.

New Zealand

Thanks - so simple - I should have checked the help file more fully. Yes, I'm in New Zealand, and the Budget Planner looks good here - a few more options than we need (we don't pay for our water - aren't we lucky!!), and a few name changes, but basically it's ready to go. You've done a great job!
I started trying to put my budget on Excel, but it wasn't flexible enough, so used a search engine to look for budget software. Looked seriously at 3 different products and went with yours - glad I did.

-- Michael Chappell, New Zealand

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United Kingdom

Hello Tatiana, I purchased My Budget Planner last year and think it is so good I have bought
it for other members of my family. I would like the opportunity to "spread the word" to many other people through our monthly ezine, sent to several hundred small businesses every month - they all have family and friends!! I hope you find us suitable to become an affiliate,

Best wishes
-- Lisa Knaggs, UK

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Hi Tatiana:
I just downloaded the sofware and installed it. I wish all downloads and installs were this fast! I'm just learning my way through the software, but it's already clear that this is really user-friendly software (and I work in high-tech, I should know!).

-- Anna Aleksandrowicz, Israel

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Greetings from Malaysia !

I have successfully downloaded the software. It will indeed help me start 2003 in the right direction. This is really a very nice Christmas gift. I am so happy I can't wait to show my husband.

-- Victoria, Malaysia

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After downloading and trying a number of budgeting software, My Budget Planner is without doubt the best one out there. And I did spend time trying them all! I specifically like the straight forward intuitive interface so I didn't have to read any manuals.... launch and go! And it does everything I need it to do effortlessly, with minimum of attention and maximum result. Clearly this software was designed by someone who needed the product him/herself."

Your software is great.

Best regards,

-- Natee, Thailand

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